PC Single Player League AI stuck

Hello everyone,

my Single Player League game (not campaign) is stuck on the AI's turn. It didn't do any action at all and let the timer run out. I waited 20 minutes now and it still didn't change. See this screenshot for clarification:


Someone in another forum had a similiar problem about a year ago:

@hexxorlord It does that a lot. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn't. All you can do is Exit the game, don't concede, Exit the game completely- otherwise it goes as a loss. At least if you exit, you can replay that game. Seems to happen more with Agility AI teams as they seem to "think" longer than bash teams.

Focus Team

Hello, if you come across this situation once more, you can take all the files located in Documents\BloodBowl2 (not the folders, only the files like AIError, Management...) and send them to guillaumedc@focus-home.com
It's important to not relaunch the game before taking the log files.


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I always just passed it off as my shitty wifi losing connection with server and then the server "forgetting" there's a game going on. I'll def send files next time. But I do think it's funny that the AI BMs you when you're winning and goes AFK, it's the most realistic thing the AI does. 🙂

I've actually seen this a couple of times, although I never have seen it been "stuck"...
The AI uses all the time to "think" (Clock down to Ø:ØØ)
And then sometimes moves a couple players, sometimes it just ends the turn

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