How to actually join a game after being invited?

How do you actually join the game after being invited? It's strange because I've played a few times with friends already with no problem, but now I don't remember how I did it. I've been invited to a game in progress , but there's no way for me to start the game.
1_1557076587035_howjoin.jpg 0_1557076587035_howjoin2.jpg

As you can see I'm in the party, but there's no button to join the game.

On a similar note how do I just join a game from the Epic friends list like you can in Steam?

I don't know exactly but on console after you get an invite, the host (who send you an invite) will choose a game / mission and you will join automatic.

since the last update it only works for nun running games for me.

Hey @Benjamin-Wharton
Sorry for the inconvenience, I am sending your post to the team right away. It's quite a peculiar issue !
Thank you and sorry about that !

This happened to be but it was basically because the host hadn't chosen a map yet. So while I was in the party, as well as 2 other people, none of us saw the "lobby" screen--where you see all 4 team member and their classes--until the host chose a map. I'm on PC, btw.

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