Skalgrim mod v1.2 released

Played mod for a few hours.

My take on it: everything is OP as fuck and this results in massive battles where everything dies brutal, quick deaths in true Warhammer 40k fashion.

If you're looking for a good time, play as Necrons, spam Cairn Annihilators and go against Imperials with enemy titans enabled.
HILARIOUS watching two Phalanxes and a Mcgragge's honor get REKT under their barrage.

Damn good mod man, I think I'm way less interested in playing anyone else's mod that concerns themselves with balance. This is just too much fun.

There is some problems with the starting missions on atleast the Imperial Campaign and the Necron Campaign (they are Hard/Very Hard for some players) so I'v added a fix for this in the information about the mod. I'll also post it here.

"The first two missions in Imperial campaign are Hard or Very hard depending on how good you are as a player. The enemy will have access to larger fleets than you because of the mod changing fleet-sizes.

The same goes for Necron campaign as you face of against the new Speranza Battleship. All battles CAN be beaten by the player - but its a challenge. The fix for this is pretty simple: Play the first missions with vanilla game. Save after the tutorial is done. Install Skalgrim mod. Load the save game. Play."

@Skalgrim-Fellaxe you need some good old cheese to kill the sperenza in the first cron mission, but so far I like your mod. having faster crons is very nice.

some small issue I have found: if you re-crew a hulked vessel, you only get one crew, while you spent five with the troop transfer skill. that's very likely not mod-able, but I guess having a better troop transfer before a ship gets hulked, is probably worth it.

@fosil Haha yes winning by cheesing it. Thats how others have solved that problem as well. 😉

Im not sure if its something I can fix, but look at it this way, its actually pretty accurate in terms of what happens when you need to force thousands (or tens of thousands) of troops to go into a hulked ship that has had its entire crew killed by boarding and other hazards. Left over enemies, booby traps, burning gas etc etc, the losses would be very high to get it up and running again.

Glad to hear you enjoy the mod so far.