• add a personal stats showing how many zombies I killed already , weapons kills, revives........
  • continuing leveling up each class , showing to others players how long u have been playing with ur favorite class(no max level ) Max level right now is 30 in PvE and 13 in PvPvE
  • more aggressive zombies before and after the swarm, plus make it worth killing zombies in PvPvE mode like giving more points or something real interesting because players in pvp + pve mode dont care about it cause zombies are not a real challenge. I want more zombies on this mode trying to kill each player no matter where they are hiding. That will be a real challenge and will be awesome plus terrifying,
  • add a different reward for those who completed a mission in different difficulties that can be show it in PvPvE mode and vice versa( like in Combat arms when you finished a mission playing zombies u can wear a mask in PvP mode for example.
  • add an option to be able to choose the best server or region in both modes PvE and PvPvE. Playing aginst high ping players is very frustrating.

This game has a huge potential and is awesome. Thank you for an excellent work

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