It might not be the most popular feature of Insurgency but it's nice to be able to play when the internet is down or while downloading large files or to practice and explore maps, or simply relax and do some pew pew pew with the awesome sounds the game has to offer.

Far-reaching customization would greatly improve local play. There's a couple of main things that should be adjustable:

  • Number of bots.
  • Bot difficulty.
  • Bot behavior. (Continuous spawning, wandering or camping.)
  • Number of supply points.
  • Kill feed.
  • Friendly Fire. (Really, I get damaged reflected onto me from a bot ally?)
  • Respawn and respawn delay. (Currently there are respawn waves in local play, but since I mostly die while defending objectives the 10 second respawn delay almost always results in defeat anyway and a bit of time wasted)

Would be nice if there was a system in place to save such settings in presets like loadouts with official ruleset as a default option, possibly with an ability to copy rulesets form multiplayer custom servers.

One little, cosmetic thing to add could be making allied bots spawn with the same camo type as the player to give an idea of unit cohesion and a nod towards the players fashion sense and 'commander' role. ;p

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