[BUG] [PC] [1.04] [1.06] Often server crash in Chaper 2 'hold off metro area' in New York episode...

...this is followed by a try of server migrate, that results in game hung / black screen.

There are several issues here:

  1. Server crash that should not happen.

  2. Unsuccessful server migrate operation. I doubt that server could migrate to exact same state, but at least to last checkpoint should be possible.

  3. Game hung / black screen upon unsuccessful server migrate operation.

Expected behaviour:

In case of server crash player / party is migrated to new dedicated server and start from last checkpoint with the setup (guns, ammo, items) they had when checkpoint was created.

Player / party returns to lobby / main menu and is able to cleanly exit a game or queue for a new match.

I observed this issue serveral times since game was released, always in the same area (Chaper 2 'hold off metro area' in New York episode)
Currently when it happens, I need to forcefully exit the game by pressing Alt + F4.

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Another server crash in the same area. I was going to give temp health boos to Slasher - server froze and then disconnect happened.
I checked my internet connection just after that and it was working. Either master server connection was lost or dedicated server crashed.
But this is happening very the in that area of map in chapter 2 of New York episode.

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