blue square and no rocket barrage

Blue square while aiming down sights and disappears when i look up and appears when i look down without aiming.
2_1557169349220_20190507000213_1.jpg 1_1557169349220_20190506235314_1.jpg 0_1557169349219_20190506235313_1.jpg

So as an insurgent commander when i call in the rocket barrage i don't see it nor does it come. my observer will also be alive but it just doesn't happen.

Hello @Potato-Rage,

Thank you for these screenshots! Can you give us more details of your video settings?
I'll pass them on to the team!

I got the exact same problem. Here is my screenshots and my video settings

![alt text](0_1557673036264_20190511195207_1.jpg image url)![alt text](0_1557673052832_20190511195510_1.jpg image url)![alt text](0_1557673070816_20190511195357_1.jpg image url)![alt text](0_1557673087611_20190511200322_1.jpg image url)![alt text](0_1557673102802_20190511201427_1.jpg image url)![alt text](0_1557673112003_20190511201436_1.jpg image url)

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this reminds me of the watermark square in the alpha testing but not opaque obviously

@chaton what do you think?