Aight focus lets get our sh*t together

I play alot of video games, and once when i was high i realized that everyone has their own "perfect game" that they are hunting for basically their whole life. For me, FTW is one of the clostest things on the market to my "perfect game" and a LARGE portion of the community agree's with me. Focus, you have no idea what you have created and the sheer potential it has. Your game is more complete than PUBG after 3 devblogs, and your game is far more fun than many i have ever played. But this was simply from the beta stage, i beta tested this game and was placed in mathces of 100 and then 60 and dear lord was it a fun game. Everyone here knows what the problem is, and i dont even have to say it. But this isnt game over for this game. If the Focus team cannot spare the capital to advertise this game on youtube or twitch and cannot think of any creative and intuitive way to maybe host an event advertising the game then AT THE VERY LEAST sell this COMPLETE game to another development company and have them take their risks on it. You have damn near a finished product that your community LOVES and you will not so much as throw in 20% of the cost it took to make the game into its advertisement. The only time i have ever heard of this game was at E3 when my friend mentioned it to me. stop waiting around for your finished game to blow up on its own. It won't, and allthough like any game FTW is going to need devblogs, thats not even what we need right now. We need YOU to own the f*ck up tell us whats going on and start advertising this beautiful game. I know the post sounds aggressive but i dont mean it that way, it just seems like when someone asks "Hey Focus whats going on with the development rn?" you never answer. Tuck away your pride and face your community with the truth and i will bet you some of the players like me that love this game (possibly more than the devs but prove me wrong) will come back and play for the sheer purpose of bringing the analytics up. I know i would.

I agree with you completely, many players think that the game is still in a bad way, as it was in alpha and beta testing, now it’s not like that, the game requires patches and minor improvements, but it is already playing very well now, the only thing you need is promotion, free weekend, discounts and upgrades. this game has no analogues. This is a matter of taste, but for me: PUBG - China's Anime shit, CoD BO4, Apex - Futuristic shit, Fortnite ets. - Cartoon shit.
Fear the Wolves - perfect battle royale for me, and I think many STALKER's fans support me.
FOCUS, PLEASE MAKE Fear the Wolves great again! or really, sell this game to another development company

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So, i talked a bit with the developers, and the story is as follows:
Publisher (Focus) chooses if the game will be developed further, and the developers (Vostok) don't have a vote there;
Publisher hasn't made a decision yet if they are going to keep developing this game and developer is waiting on their decision/response.
So we are really waiting on the Focus to let the game be developed further. Let's hope that it happens!