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If you're looking for a comprehensive guide on all the officially announced SnowRunner news so far, you're in the right place! We will keep adding media to this post as we release new screenshots and videos, so keep this page handy.



  • Larger Environments - The maps will be up to four times larger than MudRunner maps, with vast expanses just waiting for you to explore.
  • New Environments - On top of the Russian and American regions you've seen in MudRunner, the development team are looking to push SnowRunner to new horizons. For the first time, you will be able to experience snow under your wheels, in the new Alaska region.
  • More Licensed Manufacturers - Vehicles are MudRunner's bread and butter, so of course, the roster is growing! You will get to tear through the mud in new vehicles from manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Pacific.
  • Improved Visuals - Environments are going to see big improvements in SnowRunner, with more detailed foliage, mud, water, lighting, and more.
  • Unique Cockpit Views - Vehicles will have unique and detailed interior cockpits, letting you truly immerse yourself in the experience. Speedometers, RPM, and Simulated Temp gauges function realistically.
  • Vehicle Upgrades and Add-Ons - Vehicles will have new upgrades and attachments. These will have a large gameplay impact on what your vehicle is most suited towards. Pick a loadout that fits the task, be it traversing deep water, unstable rocks, or slippery mud.
  • Vehicle Customization - We want you to feel like your vehicle is your own, so SnowRunner will feature various ways to customize truck's look, such as its color.
  • New Cargo Types - Are logs not your thing? Don't worry, because SnowRunner will have a whole host of new cargo types. Their weight will affect the physics and gameplay, too.
  • Improved UI - The User Interface have been completely overhauled for a much improved experience.
  • Improved Tutorial - SnowRunner will be an excellent place to begin your MudRunner experience, since the new tutorial aims to guide you through all the steps you need to understand the deep game mechanics.

Useful Information

  • SnowRunner will release early 2020.
  • Simultaneous launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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Oh, thank you so much for the official words. It does not say anything about simplified loading system so I guess it was a misunderstanding of the journalists about the improved UI.

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finally some official info, not journalist speculations.

Great stuff guys, as u said lets keep this thread alive. i really love all the features i read up there, but there are still things that are missing, tho i do hope that they are being worked on and u just dont want to tease us before its finished.

oh baby, wer coming alaska ---

and pin this ppl are missing it..

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@zamal Thanks for pointing me here. Why is this thread in the middle of nowhere? It's not even at the top of the list even though it's being updated with replies. No wonder I and probably many people missed it.

@Jellyfoosh can you tell us anything about the truck physics and cargo loading in MR2 and how they will differ from MR1? Graphics look great, it's the physics and loading that I'm more concerned about. I want realism.

Thanks for the entry. There isn't much in terms of new information, hence I've got to hope you keep us up to date on a regular basis. I'm personally very hyped about everything new you'll bring to MR2 (I've read there are going to be three maps at launch, connected through some kind of "gateway", source). Anyhow, keep up the good work!

I would especially love to see screenshots or a video of a truck going through mud. So far we've seen very little mud in Mud Runner 2, kind of ironic isn't it.

Switch may not be released simultaneously.

YAY!! At least this confirms it's coming to the Nintendo switch!! I'm so happy. That's pretty much all I wanted to know. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hey @Unster
I just pinned the topic so it would be easier to access it and spot it!
Really glad you guys enjoy the news recap 🙂

@unster said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

I would especially love to see screenshots or a video of a truck going through mud. So far we've seen very little mud in Mud Runner 2, kind of ironic isn't it.

and snow, and most of all night, i really want to see improvements in the dynamic lighting, but i have doubts they're going to do much about it

@hydrowasul i want rain at least if not different weather conditions

Pacific trucks?


@manfrede3 said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:


I just googled Pacific trucks and found promessing stuff!

1_1557537416843_Capturdfda.JPG 0_1557537416843_Capsdfsd.JPG

@zamal said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:
i want rain at least if not different weather conditions

I want rain too , but I wish it was possible to change the appearance and difficulty of the map when it rains , like this :


@thedeestroyer thats exactly what i meant, when it rains i want mud to become more slippery and affect gameplay, if its just visual then i dont know if i would like that

also heavy Wind which would have physics implemented in it and possibly could tip over ur top heavy truck or remove tree from the roots and BAAM! u have huge god dang log on the road

we already know frozen lakes and snow are thing, thats a +
what about fog as cosmetic feature, which could decrease players vision just like night does in MR

alt text

@thedeestroyer I've been begging SCS to add these reflective water to the road when it rains but they seem to ignore me 😃
Back to topic tho, it's just the real deal! If the rain does not chage the enviromen accordingly, then it's awful. I really rather not to rain at all if there is no enviromental change to it, like Water on the roads, muddy swamps floding and so on, just like @zamal said.

MudRunner 2. Coming in 2019!*

(*May release in 2020)

@zamal Great model, but what does it have to do with MR2?

@knight25 nothing. its just suggestion for MR2 US military truck pack, this old mf looks good