SnowRunner News Recap

I am 100% sure it can handle its enviroment - it is in production, not a crazy prototype.
Problem is likely in what each of us see as off road capability.
For example I don't see this as any crazy trial but just any forest road you can met, when doing some logging (for example).
Youtube Video

But I doubt that truck can handle it. Or any other truck from US I've seen so far in game. Same for common road trucks of europe or more eastern places. You need AWD for sure, but AWD on its own is not enough...
On the other hand, it is just my personal opinion, I am not trucker (so far) and don't know a ja****it about US truck production in general. I am just thinking out loud so I can be wrong quite happily 🙂

@Sodoma TBH, this tracked vehicle seems a bit extreme to me. I'm probably the only player who doesn't care too much about tracked vehicles. It won't bother me to have them, but I don't really want them. Like they are out of my scope.
I can understand people who want them tho. It's just not my case. I prefer anything with wheels on it.

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@deathcoreboy1 You're not the only one. I won't complain if a properly working tracked vehicle gets added, but I won't care if it doesn't. Even IRL, tracked vehicles are not invincible and they do get stuck in mud, or the mud may gum up the tracks. And obviously they're not good for road driving.

@Sodoma as far as existing in-game US vehicles, I'd say the K-8400 and K-9000 are very offroad-worthy. Even the WesternStar is decent (on my end I gave its wheels offroad traction for a little more grip, not a huge difference).

Nice video there. Even though I've seen this kind of videos before, it still feels a little surreal sometimes to see these MR vehicles IRL. I don't know much about offroad US trucks either (excluding pickups that people lift and mud-bog with) but I know they exist. Certainly on-road trucks are more common here in the US, as good roads are generally available.

@Sodoma 5:00 damn that scout vehicle looks so fine

@zamal I noticed that too. It looks a lot like the A-969 but with nicer wheels and I'm sure better handling.

Here's a nice video I came across today. I haven't even heard of some of these brands. This could be good inspiration for MR2...

Youtube Video

Point of that vid was terrain, not opening question of tracked vehicles (except of one Bat-M I don't need then either)
On the other hand, as @Unster said, they are poor on roads, so maybe that could bring some gameplay, if you need them to get somewhere, but can't go to the area on its own, so trailer needed... you know the stuff 🙂
If I see it correctly, its radiator grill says "Volvo"...
I don't count "K's" into discussion, because those are obviously offroad specials tractors, so they definitely ARE capable, to be completely honest, I think they are a bit better than K-700...
WS I see as a quite weak. IDK if it is undermined by poor traction in game and is better IRL, but regardless of traction, I see it suffer by low clearance and long wheelbase. Not suited for that road in that vid again 🙂
But west seems to be flatter and with more infrastructure, so it doesn't mind...

P.S.: T813 rocks! 🤘

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@Sodoma Well the WS is still mostly a road truck, with some offroad capability, that's how I look at it.

There are some nice US brands in the video above (Navistar, Oshkosh) that I'd love to see in MR2, along with others. I didn't see a Tatra in the video but I'm sure they're great too, though that wheel camber looks odd to me. I've only seen it on Tatras.

Agree on WS.
Most of those trucks looks too modern to me, but... Depends on the rest of the game. I prefer older machinery and not exactly military. For some reason ex-military trucks in civil use are somehow fine to me 😃
I was refering to that vid I've posted, there is T813.
You can't see that wheel camber anywhere else, because that is Tatra patented construction
Also there is not well known fact, that wheels are not aligned on one axis on axle - due to central tubular "frame" that contain differential wheel on one side is few centimeters further than on the other.

Here is some vid for better understanding, it is new model, but construction principle is the same for decades...
Youtube Video

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@Sodoma said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

I was refering to that vid I've posted, there is T813.

Oh yeah, I did see that one. Interesting design on the camber. But it looks like the truck would have less lateral stability this way, i.e. more prone to tipping over. But it may provide better wheel contact on very rough terrain.

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I've never heard about Tatra being extra sensitive to rolling over, but you can tip over anything with (or without) enough skill.
Those special (stripped down) trucks are not exactly best sample, but if you hit YT with something like "T813 truck trial", you can see really crazy angles. And some stucked and some rolled over of course 😃 Make your own picture 😉
I don't want to post them here, because we are OT enough already...
And it provides good contact off road, but also it has some cons on road...

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damn u guys are getting into some very deep deep machinery stuff that i have no idea about XD so i better be quiet to not spew stupid shit...

all i know is steering wheel and gas pedals, oh i forgot about rear mirror 😅

@zamal Yeah, some sidetracks were..sidetracked... 😃
@Unster One last piece: I went through the book and allowed side angle is (obviously) influenced by type of addon (duh), but for example for floating bridge it was up to 30°.
Picture from testing with road panels (up to 20°)
And as a cherry on the top, one of prototypes was modified by the wish and sent to Soviet Union, looks familiar? 🙂

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And as a cherry on the top, one of prototypes was modified by the wish and sent to Soviet Union, looks familiar?

Prototype for the E-7310?

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I think. To each their own. Tracked vehicles would be cool to see but I'd prefer wheels for two reasons. For one no need to add more code, and for two it's a bit more satisfying to watch a tire contort in the mud as it gets grip or when going over rocks and they wrinkle from low pressure, just me tho.

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so no E3 announcement, now we have to wait until gamescom i guess 😞 cyberpunk 2077 will keep me hyped until MR happens tho 😃

@zamal said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:

so no E3 announcement, now we have to wait until gamescom i guess 😞 cyberpunk 2077 will keep me hyped until MR happens tho 😃

A shame there was no news.

no news on Nintendo Direct E3 as well...😭😭😭 very sad!