05/07/2019 PC Hotfix 1.06

@Jellyfoosh [https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2662991163729141&set=p.2662991163729141&type=3&theater] Todavía hoy a todos mis amigos de PC que tenían el problema desde su lanzamiento ,de los distintos foros, siguen sin poder jugar en cooperativo con sus amigos, ¿tan difícil es el problema que tienen vuestros informáticos?🤑 ..Still today all my PC friends who had the problem since its launch, from the different forums, still can not play cooperatively with their friends, how difficult is the problem that your computer experts have?😴

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Nothing but constant crashes today for my spouse and I on PC. Midway and towards ends of map the game just does long pauses and fades to black screen.

Can I get a refund you cant even play with your friends and I bought two copys. Who do I have to talk to for this?.

@johndaggy they wont reply to you or anyone else and wont fix the damn shxt.

just adding a few things to those of you who may be having issues with finding friends. first, make sure your game is up to date (stupid I know but still) second, what I found in the recent past was if any of you are using a ultrawide mod you may not be able to see your friends or invite them. I had this issue when my game updated to 1.06 (don't know if they fixed it) but just wanted to throw that out there. something to do with the game version cuz me and my wife play together with other people we are friends with on epic and I could see the names but they were greyed out until I verified the files and returned to the original exe file afterwards. then it worked fine. the mod worked fine in earlier versions but not 1.06. I since then got a new monitor. it was time anyway. just not a lot of support for uw these days. verify your files also if you haven't yet. let me know if that worked cuz besides that I haven't had any other issues since then.

I have one issue that I cannot figure out. Love the game, very fun!

OS - Windows 10 Home v1903
WWZ - 1.06
nvidia - 430.86 (GTX 1050 Ti)

After initial install, I was able to select Vulkan or DX11 API. Vulkan worked really well on my laptop, utilization was low but FPS was high. It was great, I played for about a week this way.

Then, I believe after the game update 1.05 > 1.06, the game would launch on my laptop screen instead of my HDMI display. No problem, I'll just close the laptop screen. Fixed.

HOWEVER, I noticed I've now LOST the Vulkan API. DirectX 11 is the only option, switching the arrows does nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. Verified game files. Reinstalled the graphics drivers. The Vulkan API option is simply gone.

The real kicker is I have another almost identical Acer laptop (same graphics card, processor, OS, drivers, game version, and external monitor). THAT laptop has the Vulkan option and can switch between API's freely after the update. Just as I could on initial install with this other laptop.

Any thoughts? I believe somehow closing the laptop lid and disabling the screen while in-game has confused the game into thinking I only have an integrated graphics card (Intel HD630) that does not support Vulkan. However, The GTX 1050 Ti certainly has Vulkan support and it even worked on initial install.

Thanks for your time!

i would try going into your nvidia control panel and set it to your 1050ti manually or disable the integrated gpu in your bios. on top of that (just my opinion) i would just use the directx and not the vulkan. other players have had the same issue. my wife and i both play this game and she has a 1050ti in her pc with a ryzen 1200 and never has a issue with hers although your on a laptop.

it does however sound like its switching to your integrated gpu when you close your lid on your lappy. try also going into your control panel and set up the power plan. (what the pc does when you close the lid etc,etc.)