Player Custom


May be is just me.. but when i play in a game like that with a life in the team i enjoy more customization for my characters.. Eatch players are "unique". You do well with pre match when we see all the players but everyone have the same face :((

For me is realy enjoyable... thing about (fifa or Nfl Madden for BB 3 😉 that will be awsome

I've been thinking about that as well !

Maybe some new alternate skins availables in the shop can be good 🙂
Like a female wardancer skin as they were in the first blood bowl, or some more alternate faces and equipment !
Also, the game money isn't that usefull, just to unlock two or three colors but no more...

I'd like to have more option as well 😉

@Scalba said in Player Custom:

Like a female wardancer skin as they were in the first blood bowl

I don't see the difference. Still female in BB2 to me 😛

Would you prefer a female troll for orks and goblins, then ? 😛

Definitely for goblins!

It's a good idea. But producing graphical assets is expensive.
I wouldn't mind paying for custom "skin/armor pack" DLCs from the shop though.

Would be cool if we had more body types per race and if certain pieces of armor could be swapped out individually.

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