Entering a match that's over already

Normally I'm not one to complain... But this is short story worth sharing.

I was sitting comfortable at my desk with a drink after work and thought it would be fun to play some Insurgency! So i hopped on and tried to jump in a game.

I would have liked to play some competitive.. but we all know the wait times are too long. ''That's OK'' I thought to myself. I would just play some casual firefight while waiting for a PUG on the DGL.

As i waited on the load screen i noticed the name of the map was CANYON instead of CROSSING. Odd.

As the loading screen got closer and closer to 100% my excitement grew to jump into my first match! But when i began to enter the match my excitement was cut short by the incomprehensible screech of mic spam and a defeat screen.

With that out of the way. It's a bit annoying to enter a game on the defeat screen lol.


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