Please stay away from Battle Royale

I am really concerned about a topic in your post regarding feedback from the survey. There was a hint at a free for all. I just wanted to keep fortnight crowds where they are. In fortnight. Because those communities bring with them the toxicity that comes with it.

Free for all is not battle royale and the autistic realismus crowds are just as toxic as any other group of gamers.

Having said that I have to admit that NWI looks about like this right now:

alt text

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@Pakislav Lmao pretty sure someone with autism would have made more sense then that post right there... Just sayin...

@planetcanada well in case you are actually autistic let me explain the abstract art: NWI tried doing too many things at once, aiming at too broad an audience and the game slipped out from under them, crushing their balls in a launch that spelled disaster.