Over 70% of Players play the same 5 teams. Please Consider Making More Balances.

If you look at the ladder of any league that doesn't have a gimmick, over Three Quarters of the teams played are Chaos, Dwarves, Chaos Dwarves, Nurgle, Lizardmen or Orks. Additionally, the competitive ladder's 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are almost exclusively won by bashy teams. All of us have had days where we get 5+ clpomb teams in a row where you don't even care if you win, you just want to be playing something else.

There's a hidden strength to the teams that favour violence which is no doubt a reason why they're almost the only thing you verse. The rolls that agile teams make are 1 dice at a time. Pick ups, passes, catches, dodges, GFIs. If a player throwing these dice roll double 1s, it's a turnover and they probably lose control of the ball. The rolls that bashy teams make are mostly blocking dice, which you get 2 of before using a re-roll. Even if you roll 3 1s in a row, so long as you have a re-roll, you'll be fine. This isn't necessarily a big deal, but when combined with the other relatively small balance issues a lot of the teams have, it becomes a significant problem for the game. All the proof needed is seen when you look at the leaderboards and it's over 70% bashy teams.

You could say "Join a special League where those teams aren't as common." But players shouldn't have to segregate themselves to much much smaller leagues with far fewer active players from their own region and fewer players at their Team Value to verse just to get around the imbalanced nature of the game. It's not the player's job to artificially fix the game's problems.

There are 24 teams in the game and more than half of them are statistically more rare than a Beast of Nurgle making a bomb range pass in the blinding sunlight. All it would take are some minor nerfs across the bashy teams listed above and/or some minor buffs to the teams you never see to make the playerbase more diverse and even.

Because as it is, you could delete Humans, Brettonians, Amazons, Skaven, Vampires, Goblins, Elven Union, Norse, The Kislev Circus, Underworld Denizens, Halflings, Ogres, Undead, Necromantic and Khemri from the game, and over 70% of the playerbase wouldn't notice.

Blood Bowl 2 is by far my favourite game. I love almost everything about it; from the gameplay, to team variety, to the strategy, to silliness, to the fun stories you can build and the unique characters you can create. I've gotten a bunch of my friends into it over the years and I'll probably keep singing the game's praises.

I just wish I didn't hate playing it so much.

My Ideas for (again, minor changes). I'd love to see other people's ideas and thoughts
Vampires: Thick Skull for Thralls to improve their survivability, but in a subtle, fun way
Kislev Circus: -10k for Catchers and Blitzers. The Circus heavily suffers from inflated team values and high risk positionals. Making them even minimally less costly will greatly help them be viable.
Norse: Dauntless on the Runners is cute fitting the lore, but they don't need to be cute, they need to be viable. Replacing Dauntless with Sure Hands, Catch, Diving Catch or Sure Feet would be a great improvement.
Skaven: Lower the Re-Roll cost to 50k
Brettonians: Take Passing access away from the Blitzers and give them Strength access.
Humans: Increase the Catcher's Armour or Strength by 1. The fact that they're both so low is my best guess for why no one plays them.
Underworld Denizens: Give the Linerat (an almost laughably bad member of the team) Wrestle.

Ideas for Minor Nerfs:
Dwarves, the most frequent winners of the comp ladder: -1 MA from Troll Slayers and Blitzers. 5 MA is a lot for those who know how to use it, especially if you know the first thing about playing cages and brawling. Slightly reducing their MA will encourage greater focus on tactics and positioning while still allowing trademark Dwarven play. And it'll fit their lore better.
Chaos: The 3ag on Chaos Warriors enable more ball play than such a hyper-aggressive, dominating team should really possess. To address this, instead of nerfing their AG, let's increase the cost of re-rolls by 10k, making them more valuable. Additionally, Chaos Warriors are without a doubt one of the single most powerful units in the game, so increasing their cost by 10k can help reflect their immense power and make them a little less imbalanced.
Chaos Dwarves: We all know the Chorfs could stand to be more unique and set apart from the normal Dorfs, that doesn't need to be said. The high mobility of the centaur is awesome for making this team unique, but the success rate of centaurs doing stuff with the ball is great enough that it pushes an already amazing unit into levels of being a one man team. -1 AG for the centaur. Additionally, with mutation access, do the Dwarves really need tackle still? Dwarf players will still dominate without it.
Nurgle: Nurgle are probably the team here least in need of changing. Because it fits the lore and the team's playstyle and would help balance them just a little bit, let's reduce the Rotter's AG by 1.
Orks: Reduce Blitzer and Lineman armour by one. It fits the lore of Warhammer Orks and they would still be great at what they do without being unnecessarily armoured up.
Lizardmen: The Saurus are awesome, terrifying enemies, but they're priced like dirt, they deserve more. +10k

The last thing we all want is to see these powerful teams vanish from the game. They have unique fun and if the imbalanced teams were the Elves, Humies and the Skaven, I'd be requesting the exact same thing. And again, I would love to see other people's ideas for changes to both the weak and the strong teams.

god, vamps and the human teams need SOMETHING, I swear no one else plays them, it's always chaos or dwarfs. Underworld too, they are so fucking rare

Mmmmm, right about the Special Leagues. I used to try playing in leagues with more strict pick rates so it would be more interesting, but there was hardly ever anyone active in there when there's only ever 600 teams and like 40 of them are active. I just with they'd do something about orcs, they're all people play. Did Legendary even come out

Nice to see someone finally bring this up I am so tired of dwarfs, they start with too many top tier skills

@grumbledore said in Over 70% of Players play the same 5 teams. Please Consider Making More Balances.:

finally bring this up

不 不 不 不 不 不 不

I guess you've not been here long! This has been an issue since BB1 was released, not helped by them never implementing the real concession rules (not the only issue).

Many, many posts about this, on this forum and the ones they've run earlier.

god, please let something happen about this. i am so tiredof fuking chaos every damn game, fucking edgy try hards always going on about blood and shit PLAY SOMETHING ELSE EVERYONE PLAYS CHAOS YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL

They don't make the rules, they have signed a contract with Games Workshop to be allowed to make a game based on the original board game.
This contract forbids them to change the rules, so blaming the developpers makes no sense, go complain here https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/searchResults?N=1339748208+3130211731

BloodBowl 3 will be based on updated rules, maybe better ? read the latest board game rules.

However, they're not using the rules as written, specifically the concession rules, which would have an effect, as the bashy teams couldn't just concede vs another bash team on the first injury (or first failed block in some occasions!)

Add in that the game is not designed for 'leagues' of thousands of players, and the ball is very much in Cyanides/Focus' court if they want to bring in house-rules for their specific environment, something that is encouraged in the rules.

And not much point in suggesting someone go and complain to a webstore.

If BB3 is based off of the BB2016 rules, and they just throw all the teams into massive open 'leagues' then the same problem will happen again.

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