Constant Crashing on PC Version

I've shared my negative experience with several folks who also can't play the PC version due to constant game freezes and crashing to the windows desktop. They have also attempted to find fixes for these constant crashes with no luck. The game launch has been a huge disappointment for all platforms due to many bugs and game stability issues. I want to know how to submit a request for a refund!

I will never again buy any games by Sabre Interactive! Fire your stupid CEO and all of the sales idiots who pushed for a pre-beta test release!

Have you tried switching renderer from Vulkan to DirectX? It's solved this problem for many people.

I want a refund. How do I get my money back? That's all I want to know! Yes I have tried both the Vulcan and DirectX renderer. The problem is this game! It was not properly beta tested!

How do I get a refund? That is all I want to know!

@zombie123 said in Constant Crashing on PC Version:

The problem is this game!

This is not true. The problem is on your side. It is obvious.

@zombie123 said in Constant Crashing on PC Version:

How do I get a refund?

I do have the same problem, everything is updated
my computer is a Ryzen 7 3.2ghz boost to 4.1 + vega 56 oc, 16 ram
I can't change the game settings from ultra to an other ( btw, I benchmark in game and the avg is 130fps ) and if I do, it tell's me to restart the game, when I restart, everything is back at ultra settings.
I do not have any code in serverKSIVA. i don't see any friend in my friendlist, and the game crash to a black or white screen in game (without losing sound from what is hapening).
Totally burned 35€ in a dream game.