Report a player in blood bowl 2

Name: carsten225
Match: we are playing right now. I dont know the ID yet.

He is disconnecting on pourpose and coming back at 4:30 min, so the turns are eternal... this player names is known on this forum from 1year and on steam why nothing has been done about him ???


From the Forum rules:

*"Reporting of Suspected Cheating

Suspected cheats are NOT to be named publicly on the boards by forum members. Any post which names suspected cheats will be edited or deleted without notice. Individual leagues may have their own reporting procedure for such actions."*

If need be, PM one of the Cyanide/Focus reps.

disconnecting on pourpose and coming back at 4:30 min

Hi, I would like to report the coach hatebreed and his team [A$] Hate seeds in Champion Ladder 25, his players' names are mostly taken from Nazi characters. I find it totally inappropriate and offensive.
I ask to league to censor him.