[BUG] [PC] [1.06] Stim pistol switches to new target during the animation if someone runs over the cross-hair.

Medics has an ability to revive a teammate from a distance.
This feature should work like you choose a target, and when you press Middle mouse button, target is locked.
The target should be locked until the animation finishes and medicine is applied to chosen target.

Right now Stim Pistol switches to a new target during the animation playback if someone runs over the cross-hair. Original target is ignored. This results in unintended heal and wasted supplies.

Video is slowed down x4 times.
Youtube Video

Target locking for Stim Pistol and Medikts in general is pretty bad.

I had many times that someone unintentionally healed me instead of himself.
It happened to me a few times as well.

But when you want to heal someone he is usually too far away or is standing on some obstacle that disables healing animation, and you cant heal him.

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Thanks for the video, team will check this issue.