Possible to make my stretched jk?

how possible is it to make my real stretched 2 door jk into the game? its stretched 4.5" in the front and 14" in the rear on 16" ori struts and 42" pitbulls sitting on ford f350 axles. total wheel base is 115" long and 93" outside of tire to outside of tire!!!!!

0_1557779369647_image1 (2).jpeg
0_1557779387796_image1 (3).jpeg
0_1557779426046_image1 (4).jpeg
0_1557779457070_image1 (5).jpeg

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@conorbart093 Everything is possible if you take your time to learn and practice

@wrangmog I have no idea where to begin or what to do lol that’s why I asked was hoping someone would this it’s a cool idea and get on board

@conorbart093 aah, sorry, I misunderstood and kinda quit modeling trucks, good luckπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

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Ahh damn alright thanks anyway is it possible though?

it can be done, in fact just about anything can be done within reason and game capabilities. a few of my buddies that build mods do just that. mix-match different vehicles parts to do a more "modified/custom style" build.

now of the not so good part. not all, but most builders i know make stuff for themselves and once they feel it is done or they have gotten tired of it and moved to other projects is when they tend to release things. they do not do request or at the very least it is very rare they do. however there are still plenty of people out there who are willing to do build requests, so do not get your hopes down. it may take a little bit before you find someone though.

sounds like a cool rig, maybe post a pic or two of it. that might be enough to inspire someone to consider it more. i have had friends do this, not interested in a build someone suggested, only to then see a pic of the said vehicle or a different style of build for that vehicle to get them motivated on the project.

best of luck with your project πŸ˜‰

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@conorbart093 im going to be soft with you but spam isnt tolerated, also sending pms to user asking for the build to be made isnt a good thing to do if you want your truck to be done

the best option is to learn to make it yourself, i do take requests but im not open to any right now and probably wont be any sooner, i have a list to follow

im not going to close the post but i did deleted the user names that you named as spam

@forces was asking if it was possible as im clueless on 3dsmax dont see why the need to delete the pictures and users as i was asking if it was possible and what their opinions were on doing said build but cool beans with the power move

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@conorbart093 might have been a bit much i will agree, but then again all the pics in one post would have been fine, instead of posting one pic at a time. helps cut down on the clutter on the forum and if asking anyone (public request) then leave it open to everyone, if going to call someone out then just PM that person would be better imo. ✌🏽