for i will say that i have spend more than 2days in this game since release.

So i play very much on hard and a bunch off rounds on veryhard.
I dont know exactly when its starts but i know a week ago when bull tries to charge i sprinted in a big circel around him. He missed me ran into wall and i shot him in the bag.
Now every time i do exactly the same the bull catches me and smack me to the ground. 1time i was dead and watch another player try the same because i was dead i could look to the while is running in a circel. But suprise the bull get him to... . And now im wondering if the bull got changed because it fells so diffrent to last week. Icant find any infos and i cant find anyone who speaks about the same problem.
Btw i play on xbox.

Can someone give me some Information about this thanks