I got kicked from the server for Steam authentication failed

What do i do to fix it? I restarted steam game and the computer. nothing helps.

Hello @No1aliveforever,

Sorry for the late response. Can you try the following steps and see if it helps?

  1. Press the Windows and R keys from the keyboard to open the Run dialog box and type: steam://flushconfig
  2. Click OK.
  3. Clear the Steam - Download Cache.
  4. Run Insurgency: Sandstorm once logged to your Steam account.

I have the same problem, the steps placed in the reply didnt work either.

Hello @Skin181,

Can you please check your firewall to see if it blocks the game? Thank you in advance.

Try the steam forums for this error message. In alot of cases this has nothing to do with the game but with Steam itself.
At times it seems to help to log out of Steam, log in again, and verify the game cache.

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