VOIP problems- I cannot use push-to-talk anymore!

I haven't played in about a month. But when I began to play again last week, i noticed something wrong with the push-to-talk function.
Every time I hit my assigned Push-to-talk button there is a short 0.5 second pause , the WHOLE game pauses/ stutters. I simply cant communicate with teammates without it stuttering hard. I tried reinstalling the game onto my M.2 NVMe drive and the problem still persisted.

This is extremely frustrating! I'm a very communicative person ( well i used to be) in this game. Anyone else having this problem?

OK, this is just really BAD timing. Right after I wrote that, I went and played the game. the Push-To-Talk problem didn't happen! I guess it's fixed? If it happens again, I will return and moan about it. lol.

Hey devs, keeps woprkin on this game, its a lot of fun and everyone I know likes it. Maybe a new objective based gamemode? or new maps/weapons? 😉

WELL, im back......and so is the problem. The push to talk function stutters the hell outta may game. unreal....

Hello @RedKap,

Sorry for the late response. I'll pass the issue on to the team.

Regarding new maps and repons, you can learn more information in our community update!

Thanks for the response. I absolutely love this game, but if I cant relay enemy positions or tell my squad about an impending A-10 warthog gun run, I can't play the game properly.

Thank you for passing this on to the dev team. This is just a guess but maybe the reason the game hitches when pressing push-to-talk is due to network bandwidth issues?

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