Hey it looks good but...

I buy plague tale on ps4 (france), but i can’t play, the R2 button don’t work in this game, so i can’t pass the first mission where you must shot apples.
Great i have no problems on any games apart this on plague tale. So i can’t play, great !!
My fist game for long time and im so sorry already.
Can you fix it please.....?
Or i ask to be remboursed and done.

Hi MBadi,

thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you have problem.

To aim and shoot in the game, you have to:

  • hold L2: Amicia will get a "aim" stance, with a crosshair displayed
  • hold R2 : Amicia will start rotate her sling.
    Please note that the R2 button needs to be completely pressed (and not half way) to trigger this action. So please try to press it until it touches the pad.
  • Release R2 to shoot

Let me know if it works

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L2 works well she warns but when you press R2 nothing happens the slingshot does not start to turn.
You advised me to delete the game's backups and settings, but that's okay the problem persists...

L2 fonctionne bien elle se met en garde mais lorsque on appuye sur R2 rien ne se passe la fronde ne se met pas à tourner. Vous m’avez conseillé de supprimer les sauvegardes du jeu et des paramètres, mais cela n’y fait rien le problème persiste.....

I am having the same issue...

Hi everyone,

we received this feedback from several players and we are investigating it.
It seems that the R2 trigger needs to be completely pressed to activate the animation (Amicia will start spinning her slingshot).

Can you please try this and let us know if it works or not?

Thanks !

not at all, I tried several times of course

ok, thanks for the answer.
What is your console model ?
Is your controller old, and is it possible for you to try with another controller ?

it's one of the very first models, sold with the game drive club.
I tried with a new controller also, this problem only happens in this game,
in steep for example where the key R2 is used continuously to load the jumps there is no problem ...

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is there anything new ?
I wish I could play after a while ...! ^^