Horde Mode

Is there a Horde Mode in this game or is one needed? I'm new to it and ya apart from the issues I'm having like unable to play with friends without errors etc, I'd like a Horde Mode. Think like Gears of war etc where you fight waves upon waves of zombies with each round you build defences etc. I'd like to see that as shit gets awesome when then hordes come but so short lived in the campaign mode.

It's not in the game yet, but Community Manager announced that Devs are working on it and plan to add it in on of future updates.

@raibi said in World War Z - Post-launch Free Content Roadmap:

Other major upgrades in development for further free updates include a wave-based survival mode, private lobbies, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, field of view (FOV) and level of detail sliders on PC, and more. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming updates!

NICE!!! Look forward to it