A Plague Tale Custom Console Giveaway Terms.

Greetings Everyone,

I had a question real quick regarding the giveaway terms for the custom console. On the terms site it says that aside from sharing, liking and tagging a friend on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, that you can complete a Form on a website. However, I do not seem to find where exactly this form is.
Can anyone help?

All the best,

Justus Steele

Sorry for the confusion. It's only if this contest is available on the website and on the forums.
The console contests is only for our social media accounts (in this case Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

I hope you're enjoying the game and the universe so far!

Greetings @Raibi

Thank you for letting me know. I was a tad confused for a bit but that clears it up. I am greatly enjoying the game thus far. Cant wait to see what else the story holds.

All the Best,

Justus Steele