[Suggestion] Which weapons are silenced?


I would like to recommend a new weapon stat or some indication be marked on each weapon indicating whether or not the weapon is silenced or will make noise and attract zombies. I play with a friend who claims to have a silenced shotgun and I have no idea what he is talking about. I personally don't like Shotguns so I rarely use them and haven't gotten it leveled yet. Some of the weapons you can tell which are silenced by looking at the model and seeing a giant nozzle at the end (such as pistols and SMGs), but some like the rifles (and shotguns?!) are harder to tell. There doesn't seem to be any clear indication. Is there a list somewhere we can tell? If not, can this be added in game somehow?

I know most people are rushing through the game and mowing everything down in the easier difficulties, but in the harder difficulties it's more important to be quiet in the "quiet areas" as you can get overrun quite easily. Knowing which weapons are silent in advance is important for choosing your loadout beforehand.

Thanks for reading. Appreciate any responses on which guns (especially shotguns) can be silenced.

Interesting question as I have been having a 'debate' over this issue with a friend. It seems most weapons have the 'big fat' cylindrical silencer/sound supressor. These attachments are silent (including those on shotguns) - tested and confirmed. Some weapons appear to have an additional attachment at level 5 which appears to only be a flash suppressor. I tested these level 5 options (TPM 5 SMG, PDW, etc.) and they appear to be loud. However we wonder if the 5th attachment (the one that looks like a flash suppressor or *compensator) reduces the sound to some extent, so still loud but not as loud as no attachment at all. Not quite been able to figure that out.


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M500, S890/shorty, Taiga-12 are all 'fully' silenced at lvl 5. I've tested this myself. The other attachments may reduce sound somewhat (like the flash suppressors/compensators mentioned earlier, but I've been unable to confirm in tests - they appear to be loud). A little sound symbol/bar graphic might help.

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Isnt this kind of broken, since tier 5 should be full silence, right now i have to choice tier 4s to be able to keep the full silence XD

@crimzondragon said in [Suggestion] Which weapons are silenced?:

tier 5 should be full silence, right now i have to choice tier 4s to be able to keep the full silence XD

I play with another friend who mains Medic and has the exact same issue. He uses SMGs frequently, and he told me upgrading from Level 4 to Level 5 removes the silencer. I would actually be okay with this being intentional, but what I would really like is some kind of indicator on the weapon whether it's silenced or not. This doesn't even have to be ingame, would be very nice if I could at least see it on the weapons info page in the menus.