Possible tip for Friends to play together.

Dear Survivors ..

Yes, there are still problems in the friends list for invitation or play together, but there is another way for you to play together. I have two computers and bought two copies of the game. Follow the procedure below:

1 - On both computers run the game and select the online cooperative campaign mode option.

2 - At the same time, tap Ready to search for a session.

In this way it seems that the game looks for who is next to you geographically, at least I think. My friend and I always manage to play together this way, but sometimes it does not work out and you have to leave the session and re-dial again until you are together in the same session.

But the correct one is to FOCUS solve soon this question of the list of friends.

Sorry if my English is not very good, I'm Brazilian.
Hugs to the Survivors ...
By HighTechGG

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And you can join the session at any time if you know which map your friend is playing on.
I don't understand all the hate about invitations issue. It can be solved in few clicks.

  1. Select the difficulty
  2. Select episode and chapter
  3. Find a lobby
  4. If you don't see a friend - repeat 3
  5. ?????

Hello, I think you do not understand, my friend and I are in my house next to me and we want to play both together in online mode and not in episode mode.
And I have no hatred, not least because I bought two copies of the Game, and also see that there are a lot of people with much worse problems to play with friends. But thanks for trying to help.