Sometimes, matchmaking really is broken

I've only seen this once, but it might be worth looking into to figure out why it happened. In short, the matchmaking algorithm put 26 players into the match. Among the players was at least one party of eight. So far, so good.

But then, it divided up the teams like this:

0_1557925316064_Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2019.05.13 -

The teams stayed like this through the match (with the usual, occasional player joining and leaving). Not sure how matchmaking came up with 21-versus-5, but that probably shouldn't ever happen.

Hello @skillet,

Thank you for pointing this out. Did this happen often?
I'll pass it on to the team!

Fortunately, no--this is the one and only time I've seen it in a LOT of hours of play, so this is not at all normal.

Thanks for the quick response. It'll be forwarded to NWI.