Guns...guns....and more guns.

I just wanted to open a thread about weapons. This thread will not just be for the devs but also aimed at future mods.

This particular request is more so aimed at the devs. I would like to see this weapon in the hands of breachers and observers and commanders for sure. The only reason I want it in the hands of observers is because I have been requesting a smaller fire arm for them. I find myself being more of a bodyguard for commanders rightfully so when their staring down their binoculars, they are quite vulnerable. Something that allows me to fire fast and silently would be great. I wont attract more attention with this fire arm and its not a large caliber (very precise shots). Problem with this fire arm is I dont think its available widely to a lot of countries. Russia tends to keep special forces guns to their own.


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Hello @Max80,

Thanks for the suggestion! Will pass it on to the team!

The UMP would be a welcome addition in my book for observers. I would be willing to lose a few to gain some smaller firearms for the class. I would certainly play it more often.

I think demolitions should have the ability to choose what route of demo to go.

I think the Demo should be able to GIVE UP their primary for a GRENADE LAUNCHER BELT 3-4 grenades choosing different kinds. 2 explosive 1 incend 2 smoke. reload speed slowed. This idea is from Daimyo's Sernix Theater (Insurgency Source). I believe his engineers in that were set up the same way and it worked. I dont think he had a belt to choose different rounds. I just thought it would bring variety and open up a new class of demo. You only have your sidearm to back you up and there are a LOT of people who love running side arms. I am one of them.
0_1558143406443_HKUMP45.jpg 0_1558143411808_M79_Grenade_Launcher_(7414625716).jpg

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I'd love a Semi auto rifle like the L1A1, i like going Medium to long range with Commander and Observer.

@vengefulmosquito I actually found myself using that one quite often. But for now I just need a smaller one for them with so many rifles to pick and no submachine guns or PDW.

@max80 Yah I hear ya, an MP5k for security would be nice, if only Commanders and Observers had it.