Chapter XV - Remembrance oddity

I don't know if there's a place to report bugs or technical problems.
In Chapter XV when I'm moving the braziers the other character is moving the inner ones and tells me to run to the lit brazier. I had already lit many of the braziers and the one I'm •supposed• to run to is unlit, smolder, NOT lit. The ladder I knew I was supposed to go to seemed closer, so I used a couple luminosa hits to clear the rats in order to get to it. But then when I climbed the ladder it never triggered the next action by the NPC. It took me quite a while to figure out I had to light the unlit brazier, go to it, and then follow it to the ladder instead of just using the alchemy. Not really a bug, but it seems like with all the unnecessary hints the characters give for every other puzzle he could have at least told my solution wasn't the correct one even though it worked.

Also, when making my way to the university, maybe chapter IX, there was a section with a circular area with a lamp post and a guard moving back and forth down a connected alley I had to go down. At the end of the alley I missed climbing over the wall and then got stuck in the wall in the corner. The guard couldn't see me, but I couldn't get out without restarting from the last checkpoint.

Hey @thanatopsis
Sorry for the inconvenience and if it made your experience less enjoyable. I will pass this on to the devs regarding NPC pointing out that you're wrong or might need to think this all over again.
Thank you for the suggestions, hope you're still having a blast playing the game!

Just two minor annoyances. They certainly did not ruin the experience, but if they can be fixed, great.
Overall, it is a phenomenal game. Game Of The Year for me. The best indie game since Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and much better in some ways. Better than The Last of Us. More puzzles, no boring gun fights, but super fun taking down the enemies.

By the way, here I am stuck in the wall. Instead of jumping over the wall to the right I went through the wall to the left and then turned around but couldn't get out. But that was an easy checkpoint to restart.

0_1558010853227_A Plague Tale stuck.jpg