Game stutters every few seconds.

Hello, I purchased this game earlier today and I'm having troubles getting it to work.

Every few seconds the game stutters for maybe half a second. I have a beefy computer, Threadripper 2950x, 32GB DDR4 @3200 and a GeForce 2080Ti. The few seconds on which the game runs "normally" work flawlesly (90+FPS), even at Ultra settings, but yeah, that doesn't last long.

I've tried using the lowest settings, disabling vsync, playing in borderless window, limiting the thread affinity to only 8 threads, and nothing helps.

Here's a video of the issue. I also show the task manager, and you can see in every core how the game stutters, and basically the CPU usage falls down to 0, although the music keeps playing without issues. I also try different settings and full screen / borderless.

Youtube Video

The game is installed in an M2 SSD.

Here's my DxDiag:


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So, I've kept trying to get this working. In the compatibility options for the executable, I had disabled the fullscreen optimizations as per a suggestion I had read somewhere. This didn't seem to help. However, enabling compatibility with Windows 7 as well did it for me, for some strange reason. Just one of the two settings wasn't enough, but both at the same time make the game play okay for me.