1 account, 2 PC's

I game on my desktop when I'm home and I game on my laptop when I travel under the same account. I have noticed that my progress from one PC does not carry when I play on the other. It's frustrating having to rework for the progress I have already made. Is there any way to WWZ saves the progress online so I won't have to rework for it when switching over to my other PC?

There is no online progress in the game.

However, you can transfer your progression from one computer to another by copying the files located in C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage

Personally, I don't have a problem with this since I play only on 1 PC but I think they should really store our saves on Cloud instead of locally on our PC...

The Epic Launcher does not support Cloud Save, so it’s not the games fault but the Platforms. Epic is trying to get cloud save but till then, every game on Epic is going to be Locally Saved

@deadliest-luigi character progress in online game should not apply to cloud saving.