Progress Wiped

So your update has wiped my do i get it back as i had put quite a number of hours into this so far

so i just learnt that while we play on your servers, the gamesave is not stored on a server....clap, clap, clap wow just wow. tell me again how this game is at full release?

This is a broken ass alpha at best.

Alright, in general the launcher (Epic) does not support CLOUD SAVE! So any games you get on there will be saved locally.

Very sorry to hear you lost your progress @deanking1985 . We are working hard on solving this issue asap. As @Deadliest-Luigi mentioned, the Epic Games Launched saves game files locally. The best way for you to avoid this issue again (until it is permanently fixed) is to back up your save in a separate location. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Or just get with steam cause their platform would prevent many of these issues.


En effet suite à un problème informatique, j’ai dû formater mon pc.
Après avoir réinstallé WWZ, ma progression dû jeux avait disparu.
Je me retrouve donc au niveau 1 alors que j’étais niveau 200...
Pouvez-vous m’aider svp

Indeed due to a computer problem, I had to format my pc.
After reinstalling WWZ, my game progression was gone.
I find myself at level 1 while I was level 200 ...
Can you help me please

Problem is they went with the cheap epic launcher option.
Well if you cheap out on the Backend you have to provide those basic features like cloud saving yourself, you can't just release a game in 2019 without it and hope for an update by epic to fix it. You saved 18% of the sale price by taking epic, fine by me, but now you have to invest that money into providing those basic features yourself.

@jellyfoosh just keep account data on your servers, like in killing floor, call of duty, battlefield, etc.