Insane Dead Sea Stroll

So I’ve been stuck on this mission for two days now. Even with all six classes maxed out and top tier suppressed weapons. I’ve soloed all of the New York missions and the first Jerusalem mission(Brain Surgery). But even with a full team on matchmaking, it feels literally impossible to beat this one. The first part where you defend is extremely difficult, but I always fail at the end where you have to collect 10 car parts for Dr. GreenGold. With the Doctor constantly going down and zombies spawning every direction every few seconds, it easily gets overwhelming. The closest I’ve got so far was 5/10 car parts before defeat. Anyone who has beaten this mission on insane difficulty, I would love some advice. Any particular class or strategy I should be using? I’ve already put about eight hours over two days on this mission but still can’t beat it, lol. In the meantime I think I’ll check YouTube for tips.

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Anyone who has beaten this mission on insane difficulty, I would love some advice.

Ignore Gringold. He's a badass tank and just can't die easily. Even if he is bleeds on the ground, you still have enough time to take a car part and save him.

And perhaps a masking grenade would be useful.
I do not use any particular tactic, i usually just try not to die, and in most cases it works.

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This is my spouse's favorite map and is the only time she feels as a medic she has to be on her toes more often besides the Tokyo episode on map 1. The only time we've failed is when randoms either grenade/c4 lunatics damage nearby teammates when saving Greengold or doing parts hand in, or they were simply just bad at team coordination. I've played different classes while my spouse plays her medic and kept the team alive by looking for supply bags and assisting teammates carrying parts. She has the stim pistol masking grenade to save her own arse and help others in sticky situations. I stay a good distance from Greengold and try to get lurkers and bulls which is a lot easier when I play my slasher.

We actually have more success with this map than the first Tokyo map due to gates suddenly being breached even though we've cleared said gates... hoping it's not bugged since last patch fixes as it's been happening way too often when we played.

I beat Dead Sea Stroll by all classes on Insane Solo mode.
Here's my vids. I hope this helps you.
If you want to see my skill tree, click Youtube link and show more button on basic info section.
3 tier shotgun will be helpful to kill easily zombies from all directions at finding car part mission.

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@bowowod hey thanks man! I’ll definitely check out your channel too and might drop a sub, thanks again.

@doomshfaft I was thinking about using the fixer class for the masking grenades. It’s a good way to sneak pass the zombies and go for revives. I’ll try it out the next time I play tomorrow.

@lecqrew673 yeah it gets frustrating when I play with randoms who are low class levels on insane. It’s almost always a guaranteed defeat. I’ve been rocking medic class too for insane difficulty. I think I’ll swap it up to fixer class so I can get the masking grenades and the perk that lets you stand up if your entire team goes down. Thanks, and wish me luck!

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But even with a full team on matchmaking, it feels literally impossible to beat this one.

I did it on insane, a few other people did this on insane too... just why you didn't it?

I disagree with that suggestion.