Watch Our Accolades Trailer!


We're absolutely floored by the reception World War Z has received, and that it's sold nearly 2 million copies in its first month, so we're proud to share our Accolades Trailer, highlighting some of the stand-out words from critics.

Youtube Video

Thank you all for the feedback you've given since the game launched, it has helped us understand what to aim for with the free content updates we have on the way. Please keep it coming!

The details of the first season of free content heading to World War Z in the coming months was recently announced. It will include a brand-new Tokyo mission, a deadly new zombie type, six-skull difficulty setting, Weekly Challenge mode, and bonus cosmetics.


Other future free updates will feature a wave-based survival mode, private lobbies, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, field of view (FOV) and level of detail sliders on PC, and more.

As usual, if you're running into any issues, please report them here on our forums so we can help you out, and don't forget to join our official Discord to hang out with all your fellow survivors!

Our next update is coming together nicely, so we will have more news soon. Stay tuned!

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I wish you 10+ millions copies sold. 🙂

Any plans to introduce these?

  1. Larger content updates as paid DLCs. e.g. Whole new episode with new weapons further exploring fates of known characters.

  2. Anti-cheat system on PC, e.g. buying a license for Battleye. or similiar system. I'm not interested in PvP or PvPvZ, but co-op is being also exploited by cheaters.
    If you don't address this in any way, game will soon die on PC.