Horrendous keybind bug after new CTE release (5/20)

My SHIFT key is bound to "Toggle Sprint," but pressing SHIFT has no effect - I can't sprint.

Also, when I press "C," which is bound to "Toggle Crouch," it crouches but also brings up the Comms Menu (Edit: and automatically sounds off whatever command, which is annoying). When I checked the bindings, "C" is bound to Crouch and "Z" is bound to the Comms Menu.

What in the world, lol?

I noticed this when I got into the CTE, but it persists in the release version, too.

It effectively makes the game unplayable because, every time I crouch, my character yells out and gives away my position. I also can't sprint from cover to cover--I have to saunter leisurely, which never works out.

On a side note, Outskirts is awesome.

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Hey @skillet
We're aware of this issue. A temporary solution is to reset the binding, that should sort it out for you!

OK, I did that and, just so everyone else knows, here's what happened:

I tried using "Revert" on the controls at issue, but that didn't work.

You have to reset all your controls, so in order to be able to play you have to give up all your custom binds. Furthermore, if you reset everything, then re-bind your custom controls, the problem starts all over.

Bottom line, either you play with the default binds or you're out of luck. If you've gotten used to your custom binds over the last 5 months, have fun learning Sandstorm all over again.

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Another update: Since having to relearn the default bindings sucks the fun right out of the game for me, I decided to uninstall the CTE and Sandstorm, then reinstall Sandstorm.

Guess what? The bug is still there.

Nice, NWI. Another win. :|

Hey @skillet We just fixed this issue (and a few other things) in a hotfix! Thanks for reporting it.

That's fantastic--thanks!

Sorry for the snark, btw. Sandstorm really is a great game, but yesterday was, well, one of those days.