Constant Crashing


I used to be able to play this game without any problems up until yesterday. Now the game is constantly crashing at random times from first loading into the game to the end of an online co op campaign round. I heard there was a recent update. Maybe it is causing some problems? Any suggestions are appreciated. I am playing on PC btw.

I already posted my crashing issue in the hotfix thread but my spouse and I have been experiencing a ton of crashes today on PC as well. Midway and towards ends of map the game just does long pauses and fades to black screen for both of us.

Maintenance is tomorrow as per WWZ twitter announcement so fingers crossed things are sorted...

Fingers crossed here as well. Most of my crashes on my desktop are coming right before the end of a round, but on my laptop I'm just getting disconnected from the servers; no crashes.

I deleted and reinstalled. It was good for three rounds and it's back to crashing.

After today's update, offline campaign mode just loads to black screen and I have to forcibly close the game client... SIGH

Tried to play online co-op campaign and just constant disconnects especially at end of maps... DOUBLE SIGH
So unplayable today after whatever "fixes" happened.

My spouse and I have recently been experiencing on PC, disconnects when a new random player joins our games. As soon as the AI bot gets booted and replaced by a real player, either my spouse and I both get disconnected or one of us gets disconnected. EXTREMELY ANNOYING and we've had to resort to kick voting immediately before said player replaces the AI bots.

Starting to dislike the game more and more because of these issues... resulting in not wanting to log in at all.