Pve level cap.

My overall level has been stuck since I mastered all classes. I don’t think this should be a thing. Level me up every 5 compete games idc. I know it’s just a number. But nobody likes to feel stuck. Btw PvP makes my brain twitch.

@slayersulli said in Pve level cap.:

But nobody likes to feel stuck.

Nobody likes endless leveling. No proofs.

The max level for PVE is 175. The maximum level for maxing out all classes for both PVE and PVP is 295. I’ve already reached 295 and now I’m just trying to unlock the remaining achievements. But yeah I completely agree that the max level cap should be removed and set to infinite. It’ll increase replay ability by so much and will give many people a reason to keep coming back. It’ll keep me motivated to keep playing and feel like I’m accomplishing something. Many games either have a level prestige system or an infinite level cap. The developers are already aware that some players have requested this. I’m hoping that they do this in a future patch/update.

Would rather play for fun than a silly number

Even if you cap out on level, the money grind is still there.

You're not truly stuck until you have unlocked every single perk on every single class and unlocked every single weapon upgrade for each weapon.

Then at that point you are free to complain that the game doesn't have enough content as you have effectively consumed it all.

Level is just a number and it's nearly meaningless. Don't take it so seriously, this isn't a competitive game.

Perhaps even a prestige system. Go through a prestige and it resets your classes back to 0. Or choose to prestige a single class as opposed to your entire career overall.

Several friends and I already maxed out all classes and max level as well as unlocked all weapons and perks. I’ve also got all achievements unlocked except the dispenser one which I think is bugged. It’s also worth mentioning that I have a full time job too.