Multiple bugs/issues

[2x Bug] Gameplay - Kill /w weapon aimed up / Graphics - Weapon model clips around lens circle
Transparent circle where scope lens should be, causing weapon model clipping.
Also, I get a kill whilst my weapon has been aimed skywards due to proximity to wall.

[Bug] Map issue - Crossing (PvE Security) - Can't shoot whilst prone on rock but can be shot!?
After destroying Bravo, I take up a prone position to cover the valley towards Charlie. The AI players pushing the valley can fire on me, but I cannot fire on them.

[Bug] Graphics issue - Scope doesn't render - weird floating lens
1.5x AS scope failed to render on PKM

[Bug] Gameplay - Rocket doesn't launch when player dies after firing
This has happened to me a number of times, I fire a rocket but I get killed almost immediately after firing and the rocket doesn't launch. And this shouldn't be a latency issue, my ping was under 50ms.

[Bug] Graphics issue - 7x Hunting Scope doesn't render correctly until after switching weapons
This happens to me regularly, equip 7x scope but the scope detail doesn't load until after switching weapons.

For the rest, the video title is self explanatory.
[Bug] Map issue - Farmhouse (PvE Security) - Can't enter through ground floor window at Charlie

[Bug?] Gameplay - Air strike over 2 bots doesn't kill them

[Bug] Gameplay - 3 bots run through molotov fire unscathed

[Bug] Graphics issue - Floating blue cube blocks scope

[Bug] Graphics issue - 2x Holographic doesn't render correctly when spectating

[Bug] Gameplay - Disappearing AI player

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in the new map there's a glitch when ads the mosin a circular blank comes up

Hey @giz, this is super helpful, thank you very much! We will take a look at these issues.