while we usually post about issues, let me clarify this: What I think is an improvement over normal game and what I like:

  • Explosives seem to be stronger, which I THINK should be moved to normal game, I like how nades are finally deadly and throwing them away and take cover seems the only option (as in normal life).
  • I like how the game mode forces you to stop rushing! (BIG plus!)
  • I like how the game mode requires you to to constantly use the map
  • I like how the game mode requires you to take cover and take second route when the enemy knows where you are
  • I like how nades are finally super-useful (not just helpful) in this game mode
  • I like how scavenging is finally worth it and needed. keeps people NOT use only one gun but feel less comfortable and more stressed. (BUT the ammo carriers and magazines should stay on the bodies and be pick-able)

OVERALL, nice work on the mechanics NWI! I hope this mode stays around longer than TDM, It's what kept people playing on Survival in Ins Source and is the first coop mode which I think is challenging enough for more experienced players. Would be great if you made the COOP difficulty pickable between the normal one and this one.

what I don't like, though:

  • with the amount of clothes it's really hard to figure out where observer/ commander is, since usually -especially at the beginning of the game - they all look alike and when you're in the middle of the circle of allies you have no idea which one is commander, even with the distance indicator in the bottom left. it doesn't break the play, but makes it super hard for COM-OBS dual play, because you have to literally stay on the others back if you want to know where the guy is. If that's going to be the way, the hardcore mode should allow you to customioze those classes more in the beginning. (i.e arm band or something that's visible from the distance if you look carefully?). Now I can either be helpful or play my class.

  • gunner is super inefficient in this mode and not worth picking since it requires you to stay on point and your gun is WAY LESS accurate than the enemy guns. The class only makes sense if you drop your gun and pick WHATEVER is left from the dead enemy bodies. This stays the same on defend mode when you should be helping your team from the outside, but you won't get much points that way with your gun nor game kill*point mechanics (which stays same for snipers which SHOULD be away to be snipers). I think point assignment logic should be complicated a bit to make it worth playing as sniper / gunner in the game (i.e close-range classes should only get the points when close to the team and doing teamwork, while snipers and gunners should get more points-per-kill pretty much anywhere, NOT ONLY by staying on the objective). just an idea, not being a PRO player so this can be a bad suggestion, but decided to say what I FEEL could benefit those classes.

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