Racism on the game

Interesting that there is no report function for this sort of behavior. Any way that we can have this dealt with? Thanks. racism on WWZ.jpg

The only thing they can do is add a profanity filter but it won't stop players who I've seen have extremely offensive names, blame Epic for that. What this game truly needs is a block list function so you never have to see such toxic players again especially since we're currently forced to play with randoms due to lack of private lobbies atm.

Welcome to the internet I guess?

If private lobbies are ever implemented we won't have to put up with such crap anymore.

Yea I agree, welcome to the internet. It's an online game so that automatically means that there's toxic floating about. They don't bother to fix the game so I don't see them adding some kind of filter honestly.

yeah that's why I wish it was on steam. at least they have user forums and you can actually get in touch with the company about pieces of trash like this. me and my wife were playing together one day and we kicked a guy cuz he kept getting us killed and stealing all the med packs when we had no health and he had almost full health etc, etc. he got back into our game and started calling us niggers and other things. im not easily triggered by trash like that but still I hate the fact that this game doesn't have private lobbies. im not playing it anymore until they get the private lobbies up and running or I have 3 other people I know to play with. im tired of playing with idiots.

this player lickmychainsaw is super toxic, not only just himself but he goes around with a friend of his Insomniac



well since epic wont do anything I suppose we just have to take it. its the internet. its our gift and curse at the same time. wastes of life like this wont go away. most likely they are both pieces of shit that live in mommys basement and have nothing better to do than say racist shit to get people fired up knowing that if they had the balls to say shit like that in public they would get there ass beat. again that's why I wish it was on steam cuz by now they would be banned. epic, and origin both suck. I would like to buy more games on epic but I just don't like anything that doesn't have player forums or support you can actually get in contact with.

sadly that's internet for you (specially from Epic store and PC community)