Can be instantly downed/killed after getting up

Been playing the slasher class with the perk that allows you to stand up after 5 seconds of being pinned/incapacitated, and have noticed that if an enemy (particularly the creeper) incapacitates you and isn't killed (say, if you're away from your silly bot team mates) it can instantly attack you again when you get up, before you have any chance to do anything. I'd imagine it's the same case if there are a few regular infected around you. Kinda defeats the purpose of being able to get up again, doesn't it?

I think it'd be a nice improvement to add a second or two after getting up where you're invisible to all enemies, sort of like how the masking grenade works. I believe this is what L4D does.


Yeah, I noticed that too, although I didn't report it.

Regular Zombies can kill you instantly as well at High / Very High difficulty settings.

The reason for this is that you don't get any health boost.

For regular revive you would get 1 full bar of heath points, about 25%.

It seems this perk should work like an Adrenaline Shot (no L4D2 reference intended 🙂 ) and player should get a temporary heath boost + maybe some permanent very small, like for killing sprees.

But 1 HP upon get up / revive is totaly pointless and you instantly die for whatever reason. Kinda useless perk as of now.

Please start watching at 6:00 minute. I die like 3 times in a row, although putting up a fight, I have no chance with no HP.
Perk seems to be invented for situation like this.

Youtube Video – [06:01..]

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The reason I suggest temporary invisibility (masking grenade style) is because even if you got up with full health if you were amongst a group of infected you'd instantly get pinned again. The same goes for the lurker which can actually pounce you again before you regain control of your character. If you had even 1 second of invisibility it'd give you a chance to do something to turn the situation around, rather than just instantly going down again.

This has happened to me as a slasher multiple times even when my pinned perk doesn't trigger (before 5 seconds). Also happens randomly when I play my other classes where the lurker jumps on me for half a second, jumps off then jumps back on me. This jump on and off lurker issue has also happened to my spouse when she plays her medic. We are unsure what all this random being downed, back up then down again is but when my spouse stim pistols me with her stim masking gas perk, the stim sometimes doesn't always apply the temporary boost, especially when I'm low health. It just applies the masking gas which still doesn't help as I'll get pinned down again and again or get 1 hit death slapped. If I manage to get back up I somehow get downed again when nothing is around me, invisible zombies is all I can think of.

These aren't the only perks that seems broken or doesn't work properly, other classes that I have all capped have perks that either don't work or don't proc at all.

It's actually asking for a lot and might be intended this way for balance purposes. I usually play the Fixer class when I team up with friends on the harder difficulties, and the Fixer has a perk that allows you to get up when the whole team is down. This has saved our butts many times.

However even with this powerful perk you can still experience the same instant re-knockdown if there is anything around you. There usually isn't even enough time to throw a Masking Grenade at your feet, I have tried so many times. I still keep and use the perk anyway because the A.I. is programmed to leave me alone and go after other people when I'm down... if they go down after I am usually alone at that point and have time to react when I get up.

Having some type of invincibility or even invisibility after getting up would be a huge buff. Maybe we could use it for the new upcoming 6-Skull difficulty? I personally don't think it is needed at this stage of the game.