performance issues (texture Streaming?)

Hi Here's some gameplay i recorded to show how my game runs, i7-7700hq / 1080 Max-Q / 16GB Ram / SSD

The game should run fine on those specs at max graphics as other UE4 games do, the game sometimes gets to 60+ but then it just starts chugging again, as if it keeps loading stuff. it's a shame as the inconsistent performance realy ruins the whole experience and is what stops me from playing. if anyone knows why i'm experiencing the issues i am let me know

on the other hand the new maps and new weapons are Fing awsome so GJ there!

Watch the FPS counter, the drops make aiming almost imposible
Youtube Video

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@ZKWS Switch off Ambient occlusion and set Shadow quality to Low for starters. Those are eating up your resources providing zero added benefit. On the other hand, there is a marked difference between CTE and 1.2 final release in terms of performance. I'm using an 1080Ti with 16 GB RAM, Ryzen 1600 in a Graphite 780t well ventilated case, plus installed the game on the fastest NVMe I could find at the time (Samsung 970 EVO 256 GB). These enable me to play the game 4K and gives around 80 fps using nVidia Freestyle & Shadowplay simultaneously, but I'm experiencing sudden performance drops as well lately ("hiccups", stutters). Not bad, but fps goes under 60 from 100, which can definitely be felt in a first person shooter. CTE has been a buttery smooth 100 almost all the time.

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weird cause i was getting those drops all the time 😞 i play with everything on low and lock to 60 fps and that works fine but its just a shame i cant up the graphics without the drops