Hit registration...

in this twitch clip you can clearly see that the bullet did not register. If it had, there would have been a large blood splatter from hitting his head. On top of that, he 100% had no spawn protection. Watch the clip at 0.25% speed.

I'm sure this issue has been brought up many many times on these forums. I could supply many similar clips, but I doubt they'll ever give attention to them. Did they ever fixed the AI walking through fire bug for example? This is also a well documented, infamous bug. If I walk even close beside a fire for one second, I'm dead for sure. AI walks through with ease, to the extent one might ask, what's the point of molotov or incendiary grenades if these have no effect at all on the enemy? So that's just one of too many bugs, which are ignored. My other favorite is the constant burning flame appearing before your eyes, and obscuring your view if you're facing forward. Once it starts burning, it would never stop.

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Just made today, hope it gets the attention it deserves and a hotfix...

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I am sorry, I just created a new thread without realising there already was one. Would you like me to carry the content from my thread and paste it here?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that, if it matters, this is TDM.

Another one. I experienced this for the first time after the most recent update (1.2). First two rounds are pretty clear misses to the right, but after that...

Youtube Video

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Been complaining about hit reg in this game from day one. It’s been bad from day one...

Thank you guys, I'll send this to the dev team.
So some of view are noticing this just after the update but others always had the issue? Is that right?

hey ive had the same problem it seems to be amplified on servers where my latency is over 90

@Raibi said in Hit registration...:

some of view are noticing this just after the update but others always had the issue

Experienced it also before occasionally (1.1.4 and earlier builds), but nowadays it's almost fubar.
Watch these examples from another similar topic. The last two are my favorites.

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Ive deff expereinced mild hit reg faults, very mild

@kanneltaja72 Everything you said is exactly right.

I would also add being killed by invisible fire to that list.

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I would also add being killed by invisible fire to that list.

I'll post the video proof right here sometime later, as soon as it's uploaded and processed. It will be part of the "constant flame obscuring your view" post as well.

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The new hit registration problems combined with hardcore co-op bolt-action Mosins feels like a cruel joke.

Even after the two hotfixes, I couldn't seem to notice any difference at all.

First they "improved" client-side forgiveness thresholds for hit detection(on May 31) and then "fixed" an issue with hit detection where bullet delta times were not as accurate as they should have been (May 28). The problem just appeared out of nowhere on this 1.2 Update. Before this update, I had NO issues at all. Not even on high ping servers. Now I am getting it on the lower ping servers too around 50-150. This problem has annoyed TF out of me because I constantly have to choose other classes than my favourite class, marksman, because I keep missing the players.

@Troller05 I don't play any more, solely due to this issue. I wait until the next patch arrives and hope it'll be eliminated by then. There' a difference of what they say and what you experience first hand... I remember them mentioning in one of their patch list, that LMG recoil has been mitigated. It turned out to be a complete lie, but I can live with that. This however is gamebreaking AF.

update 10.06.2019 I deleted the game after ~700 hours at Lvl 345. I'll sometimes look back at the forums if the most damaging bugs have been addressed (concerning mostly aimbotting AI, ridiculous hitreg issues, invisible fire, bots able to walk on fire, see through smoke/fire/foliage/walls aka wallhacking), but even then think twice before reinstalling it and give it a chance to redeem itself. Tsarouhas & Co. had half a year to listen to the crowd and act. Subsequent patches by this crew tend to create more and more mess to what was already there before - at least that's how I see it. If that is the path they'd like to go, I must opt out without any regret.


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@kanneltaja72 it's rather sad really. Their current strategy looks like they're trying to introduce new bugs in every update which they try to "fix" in the next updates or hotfixes just so they could tell the players that they are indeed "fixing/optimizing" the game.

Now I am also getting killed by invisible bots or fire or whatever the hell. This game is a wreck.

@kanneltaja72 NWI also stated the endless reload bug for bolt-actions was fixed, but that still happens sometimes. I'm not sure what the developers are doing, but it's beginning to feel like trolling.

Hit reg is nonexistent some times.

ur are all right.. the hit reg is mostly noticeable after the 1.2 update... it happens almost everytime with higher pings 180 - 300 pings.. but even in lower ping games... even below 100 the hit reg issue still happens.. it still happens even after the last 2 hotfixes... previously when u play in high ping games, the shots would still hit an enemy even if u lag.. it hits a split second later.. but now i have experienced being prone to like 30meters behind and enemy, scoped in with an m240b and emptying an entire 100ammo belt, and not a single bullet register,. then the enemy turns around after much confusion,. one shots me to the head.... imagine that..

please please DEVS fix this issue.. there most be something u add or tweak in 1.2 update and onwards that reintroduces this bug/issue...