Add a Special Magazine Modification for G36K (Suggestion)

This isn't a serious, please-add-this-to-make-this-game-better, idea, but something I believe it'll be interesting to add if possible.

Since the G-36K has only one Magazine modification, I'm thinking it'll be cool for the weapon to have the ability to have stacked magazines for quicker reload.

The G-36 platform uses an unique magazine design where you can hook another magazine on its side to have two magazines, and when you reload, you can easily shift the used magazine to the left to load the second magazine quickly.

alt text

Quicker reload in a game like INS:S would be pretty OP paired with the fast reload implemented already, but I'm thinking there are critical balancing ideas that'll help:

  • Longer Regular Reload when finishing using both magazines
  • When performing Fast Reload, you actually loose two magazines instead of just one
  • The Supply Points required will either be 3 (like the Drum Magazine) or 4
  • Magazine Supply would be lowered
  • Weight will slightly increase
  • Because of Weight increasing, time to ADS increases
  • Because of Weight increasing, general accuracy lowers than normal

I'm wondering if people have made this suggestion before, but if no one did, I'd like to hear from anyone else what they think!

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Once the beta mapping tool will be released, you will be able to mod guns. All the best!