What is the use of a new map...

If you can't play it because the game forces you to play crossing or precint 14 times in a row. For Christ sake....fix it.


Try to sort by map, community servers and/or local play. Good luck!

Yes... 10 times yes. I wanted to play the new map with my brother, but there's no way of doing that on purpose. It's 100% based on luck, and the probability that the chance never comes is definitely there.

We need the ability to choose the map we want to play on. Just like CS:GO.

Meet my clan Tuesday, May 28, on Community Server called:
Canada U.S. Quebec xXx @ 8 p.m. Eastern Time

We plan to play Outskirt in Push on both sides on the map 🙂

Ministry and Sinjar maps are also coming this summer/fall 🙂

Yeah no map vote, and not being able to connect to a server via matchmake and stick with that server as it rotates the maps is really annoying. I love playing farmhouse 8 times in a row........ -.-

I wonder if they plan on fixing this. A lot of the people I play with are moving on. Not just because of this issue, but it certainly doesn't help things.