"Blood Ties" Chapter Stealth Bug

I have gotten stuck at a part in the "Blood Ties" chapter (where you sneak around as Hugo) due to a game breaking stealth bug (pretty sure it's not supposed to happen).

When I get to the part where you have to follow that masked knight and he speaks to the guard guarding an entrance I get stuck due to the fact one specific guard always spots me when I try to sneak past. There is literally no other option in this section. This has to be a bug right? I have watched walktroughs on YouTube and they sneak past the guard in the EXACT same way, without any issues. Just for the record, I have restarted the game several times and it doesn't help.

I have recorded a short video to show the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlCDxDl6ZxM


Hello @Schytheron
Thank you for reporting this issue! I'll send it to our dev team so they can have a look.
Is it the only point in this chapter where this bug occurs?

@Raibi Yes, this is the only time a bug like this has occurred during my entire playthrough so far. Luckily I play on PC so I was able to download a trainer for the game to "cheat" past that part to avoid the bug so I don't need any further help but I am still keeping the post and video up to help you fix the bug 🙂

Yes! I am working on my last trophy and cannot skip this section. Infuriating. I've played through this section twice already with no issues. Fix this on PS4!

I also had this problem - unlike in let's plays, the first guard on the right, facing out from the exit always spots you no matter what you do. I got past it by going to the opening on the left and bating him over to look at you then exiting while hes distracted. Took a while to make it work 🙂