Bug in chapter 4


I have got a problem in the chapter 4 when i follow Lucas in the barn. Lucas does not say nothing and nothing happen. I have restarted the game, try again and again but nothing happen.

You can watch this video to see the bug : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=KC-Nvg19DwM

How to solve it ?

Thanks you.

Hello @Napoleonsieur
Thank you for reporting this. I also saw your post on steam.

As Zha said, would you mind sending us your save?
It's available here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata[steamID]\752590\remote

Thanks once more, we are on it 😃

Thank you for your answer.

My save is available here : https://ufile.io/ak8rcpcm


Hello i am also experiencing this bug on ps4 i follow lucas to the barn but he doesn't say anything please help!

Same here on PS4 too.

the bug seems to be triggered if you loot the barn before finding laurentious

@arty_motionz I´ve played the whole chapter again yesterday and didn´t do anything until I´ve reached Laurentious and than it worked. I thought it was because I investigated the feed sack in my playthrough before.

i replayed the chapter as well and didn't loot the barn and everything went through smoothly

Thank you everyone for notifying us of this. The issue has been passed on and the way to trigger it as well.
Have a great day!