Frenzy feedback

Devs don't listen to assfucks whining 'wHy aDD fRenZy iT dOeSn't mAtCh tAcTical sHoOter exPeRiEnce'... Adding official and arcade gamemodes are amazing, both utilize the awesome core gameplay mechanics (especially the soundstage) and bot equally fun to play. Just a couple feedback, because right now its almost impossible to win the game :

  • players should respawn when defending the objective, its already hard to fight an entire wave of bots + crazy special enemies with the entire team alive and now its hopeless to defend an objective with only 2 teammates. Its an arcade mode afterall we should just having fun and no need to worry much about dying.

  • the Jumper and Bruiser are terrifying and really fun to fight against. But the Flamer i think need a bit 'nerf' because we already have suicide bomber and its really hard to clear or defend an objective in a small place with a couple of Flamer just screaming and charging and burn the entire team in 10 sec. maybe make them have less health or run slower is fine.

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Hey @bandungpojok,

Thanks for your suggestions! They'll be passed on to the team!