High Level Players and Cosmetics

Us lvl 300s and 400s+ and maybe even some lvl 200s are missing out on credits for new cosmetics and even missing out on the new cosmetics themselves you get from leveling up. Due to our high levels, we gain less xp, which means it takes longer to level, duh. But in this case, it also means that we aren't getting the new cosmetics. And even more so, past a curtain level, you stop getting credits all together.
Please give us compensation. Give us the credits, or just the cosmetics that we missed out on.

On the same-ish topic, can you make the facewear, and equipment camo for security "Uniform Camo?", instead of having to buy each individual camo?

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I'd love that uniform camo idea!

Hey @CatNipples,

I'll pass this on to the team! Have a nice day!

What, you stop earning cosmetics at some point? My plan was to never buy anything with tokens.

Have to say this is highly unacceptable, please fix it! @chaton